TORNADO MOVING BED BioReactor (MBBR) has a smaller footprint than an activated sludge plant with great treatment results.


Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge MBBR Part I


Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge MBBR Part II


Key Features:
  • TORNADO MBBR bioreactor utilizes venturi air injection to provide efficient and robust bioreactor aeration with no blower noise and minimal biomass heat loss during the winter months. The submersible venturi pumps not only operate quietly under water but also provide some heat gain to the biomass. Also, with the air injection pumps in the bioreactor there is no need for blower or pump weather protection (housing) outside the bioreactor.

  • Moving bed fixed film technology allows for the bioreactor volume to be significantly smaller than that of a conventional activated sludge suspended growth extended aeration bioreactor. This feature saves on vessel construction costs and allows for a smaller bioreactor footprint which is especially beneficial when space is critical. Fixed film enhances biomass resilience and its ability to deal with stress in the forms of shock loads and cold winter conditions. It’s about biodiversity & biointensity.