The TORNADO design and features represents the 49 years of combined experience in wastewater treatment operations and wastewater treatment plant construction of Jace Ensor (Mountain Top Construction) & Tony Medina (Water Technology Services).

Tony Medina - Water Technology Services - Operations & Design Consultant After 35 experience in operating plants of up to 3 million gallons per day capacity a need for more efficient treatment design for small package plants became apparent. "The frustration of operating new package treatment plants with the same 40 year old inefficient designs has been a big driver in the retrofit integration of more efficient ORP process control technology in to conventional systems we now contract operate. With TORNADO we pulled all the stops and incorporate many other design features that make for a more efficient, robust, sustainable and operator friendly treatment system. With every new system we build we make more improvements that count… because our name is on it"

Jace Ensor - Mountain Top Inc. – Construction & ATU Expert Following 20 years of residential construction, I began making septic tanks in 1997. I installed the first Advanced Treatment Unit in Lincoln County in 1999 and now service 400 residential systems. The construction is a fun beginning and the MicroBiology taking place inside a treatment system is FASCINATING. I am New Mexico's leader in installing and maintaining Aerobic Treatment Units.

"TEAM TORNADO" is drawing the best talents from Tony Medina designing, Jace Ensor building, Tom Darah electrical and controls, Nanci Swanner bookkeeping and Michael Chavez assisting in all aspects.